Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law

Friday, 24 February 2017

The Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law (QEII) reopened on Wednesday 22 February and Court and registry operations are gradually returning to normal. However, many registry services are still operating from the Brisbane Magistrates Court building located at 363 George Street Brisbane (BMC).

Importantly, the registry counter will continue to operate from the BMC and it is anticipated to do so for the remainder of this week.

At this stage, the following areas remain at a reduced capacity and delays can be expected:

  • requests to search and copy of court files
  • applications for consent orders
  • applications for grant of probate/letters of administration
  • applications for default judgment

Further information can be obtained by contacting the Registry by email (preferred) at ccu@justice.qld.gov.au or on 07 3247 4313.

(Please note that registry capacity is significantly reduced at this time. Therefore, email contact is preferred. Your patience and understanding is appreciated)