Volunteers in the court

Court Network volunteers provide free support, information and referral to all individuals, families and friends going to court. We do not provide legal advice, but we can give you information about court and community-based services.

What our volunteers do

Court Network volunteers can:

  • provide support and information about going to court
  • be with you in person on your day in court and sit with you during your appearance
  • explain how the courts and legal systems operate
  • help explain decisions that affect you
  • facilitate access to an interpreter if required
  • show you around the court beforehand to become familiar with where to go on the day
  • refer you to other community services that can help you with legal questions, health, housing and family violence issues, and any other issues you may be experiencing
  • advocate for your individual (non-legal) needs and circumstances at court.

Who we help

Our locations:

  • Brisbane
  • Townsville
  • Cairns.

Courts we work in:

Our Victim Support Unit provides court support services to adult victims of violent crime. Our office is in Brisbane and offers services in Brisbane, Ipswich and Sunshine Coast.

Feedback received:

“I was alone, suffering from severe trauma and close to fainting several times … I consider the volunteers by my side and behind me in the court – a great act of humanity that I will always remember. Their presence gave me the courage to attend court a second and third time and I know I could not have coped without them.”

Contact the Court Network Volunteer Service for more information.