SMS reminder service

The SMS reminder is available to you if you are to appear in a Queensland Magistrates Court and you:

  • are 18 years or over and
  • have supplied a mobile phone number to police at time of charge or
  • supplied a mobile phone number to court staff.

Reminders are sent the day before you are required to appear. An additional reminder will be sent 5 days before your court appearance. It will show a file reference number, the court location and the date and time the matter is scheduled.

An SMS reminder may not be sent if:

  • you are appearing by videoconference on the day or
  • you have been excused from appearing in person at the court.


This service is supplied as a reminder only. If you do not receive a text for any reason that does not mean you do not have to appear at court.

If your legal representative has told you they will appear instead of you, you should confirm with your legal representative that this is the same matter and you definitely do not have to appear.

I don’t think this is meant for me

If you have received a reminder that you do not believe is meant for you, please call the number on the SMS so the court registry can correct its records. It is very important to let the registry know otherwise you will continue to receive reminders.

If you no longer want to receive the reminder

Either you, or your legal representative will need to advise the court registry.