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Registry Committal Application

The Legal Practitioner Portal is an online portal for legal practitioners and/or agency staff to access online services available from Court Services Queensland. It is free to use.

The Registry Committal application will be the first service to be piloted through the Legal Practitioner Portal. It will allow legal practitioners and law firm staff to lodge applications through the portal for matters in the following Magistrates courts:

  • Brisbane Magistrates Court
  • Cairns Magistrates Court
  • Rockhampton Magistrates Court

The pilot of the Registry Committal application process will commence on 27 September 2023.

Practicing Lawyers will be able to create their law firm’s organisation and set up their profile from 13 September 2023 on the Legal Practitioner Portal. They can then invite legal practitioners to join their organisation and set up their profiles to use the Registry Committal application when it goes live.

Any member of a law firm, including administrative staff, can create a Registry Committal application, but only a lawyer can submit the application.

If the matter is listed for a Magistrates Court that is not participating in the pilot, or you are unable to complete the online application, you can file the matter using the current process.

Self-represented litigants are not legally able to commit a matter via Registry Committal.

legal practitioner portal login

What are the benefits

Using the Legal Practitioner Portal to submit Registry Committal applications will:

  • Improve efficiency in the application process - by data matching information directly from Court Case Management Systems.
  • Reduce the risk of a summary charge being committed – by prompting the applicant to only select indictable charges for committal.
  • Streamline the committal application and approval process - by enabling collaboration between defence and prosecution pre-lodgement.
  • Reduce adjournments – by enabling involved parties to track and manage each committal from creation to completion, reducing the risk of incomplete or late submissions.

How to access the Legal Practitioner Portal

Private Law Firms, ATSILS and Commonwealth Government staff:

To register for the portal, you will need to:

  1. Log in with your QGov or myGovID account.
  2. Complete the user registration, linking yourself to your organisation and providing your Queensland Law Society practicing certificate number.
  3. If you cannot locate your organisation, you can create it with appropriate details.

Queensland Government staff (including Legal Aid)

To register for the portal you will need to:

  1. Log in using your QLD SSO.
  2. Complete the user registration, linking yourself to your organisation.
  3. If you cannot locate your organisation, please contact your local courthouse.

Why do I have to log in using a myGovID or a QGov account?

A myGovID or QGov account is your digital identity. It exchanges details you consent to share between your digital identity and the service you are accessing.

How do I register for a myGovID or a QGov account?

To register for a myGovID or a QGov account, you will need prove your identity.

Find out about the ID requirements to register for a myGovID account or a QGov account.

Who can register an organisation?

Practicing lawyers can create their law firm’s organisation profile within the portal and invite their staff to join their organisation. Once the organisation has been created, other lawyers can also request to join. Administrators can be assigned to manage the organisation. You can personalise your organisation’s site by setting up a logo and banner.

Prosecuting agencies need to contact their local courthouse to create their organisation if it is not listed.

What if I lodge outside of normal registry hours?

Documents lodged online outside normal registry hours will only be processed during business hours.

Registries will accept documents submitted until 4:30 pm as being submitted on that day.

Any documents received after 4:30pm will be deemed to be filed the next business day.

Additional support

If you require additional assistance, please contact your local courthouse.


Refer to the Queensland Courts Privacy statement on the Queensland Courts website, and the terms and conditions within the portal login.