Definitions of court incidents and seized items definitions

Security incidents that must be reported to police—You must notify police of any unlawful security incident in the court (e.g. involving assault, weapons, illegal drugs, or theft of property).

Prohibited items that must be reported to police—You must notify police if you seize any of the following items that were brought to court:

  • firearms
  • body armour
  • knuckledusters
  • batons
  • tasers
  • nunchaku
  • knives, for example:
    • ballistic knife
    • butterfly knife
    • credit card knife
    • flick knife
    • key knives
    • push knife
    • sheath knife
    • star knife
    • trench knife.

This is a requirement of the Weapons Act.

Workplace health and safety incidents—A workplace health and safety incident is any incident that has, or could, result in physical or psychological injury to someone or damage to court property.

Report these incidents by completing a workplace health and safety incident report form  and emailing it to

Reporting building faults or damage—Complete a building fault or damage report to report building faults or damage to:

  • Brisbane Supreme, District or Land courts
  • Brisbane Magistrates Court
  • Brisbane Arrest Courts
  • Brisbane Children’s Court.

This form can also be used to report any issues you experience with building services, maintenance or cleaning.

In other courts, you should report building faults and damage to the registrar.