Report court incidents and seized items

Where an incident involves a crime in progress or where there is immediate danger to people – Immediately notify security, activate/use your Duress Alarm or Call 000 (Triple Zero)

Reporting incidents is important. This information is used to assess and mitigate risks to court operations and to maintain safe and secure courts for staff and court users.

Use the form to report all security incidents. The report will be sent to the Court Security Manager and the relevant Regional Director/Director or senior manager for analysis and potential further review and/ or remedial action.

Where the incident has resulted in physical or psychological injury to a person, you must also complete a Salvus work health & safety incident report.

Where damage to court property has occurred; in the Brisbane CBD complete the building fault or hazard (Opens in new window)form. If your location is outside the Brisbane CBD, you must email the building fault or hazard to:

After submitting your Incident form you’ll be directed to complete the additional form/s.

Complete the online form

Reporting time frames

Verbally report as soon as reasonably possible following an incident, to a manager, the registrar and/ or local security staff; and/or Queensland Police Service.

The incident Report Form (This report) must be completed as soon as possible—and no later than 24 hours after the incident.

Who reports security incidents and seized items?

All CSQ staff, security officers, partner agency staff and organisations that work in court buildings can report a security incident using this form. Public court users may report security incidents to a security officer or the Registrar.

Only one (1) Incident Report Form should be submitted for any one security incident.

  • Where security personnel responded to or resolved the security incident then security personnel must report the security incident.
  • Where a security incident did not involve a response from security personnel, the Registrar / Manager of the person who was primarily involved in the incident must complete the Incident Report Form.

Please Note: The seized items report is completed by Security officers only.

Reporting seized items

Security officers will temporarily confiscate or permanently seize any prohibited or illegal items brought to the courthouse. Security officers record such items in the seized items report.

Types of seized items

Court security officers might seize or confiscate prohibited items such as:

  • weapons or ammunition (including blades and chains)
  • alcohol
  • illicit drugs or needles
  • household tools
  • motorcycle helmets
  • toxic or flammable liquids.

This is not a complete list of prohibited items.

What to do

Report seized/ confiscated items together at the end of your shift, though you can report items individually if necessary.

Where an item seized such as a weapon or illicit drugs results in police attendance you must submit an Incident Report to ensure that all the required details are recorded. The item should also be noted in your seized item report.

Attach photos - of any item surrendered to/seized by the attending police.

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