Enforcing tribunal orders

An order from the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal must be entered as a judgment in the relevant court before the order can be enforced.

The type of order you wish to enforce, be it monetary or non-monetary, determines the court to which you apply. Read about enforcing a QCAT decision on the QCAT website.

You need to provide the court with a certified copy of the tribunal order (stamped by QCAT to confirm it is a true copy) and an affidavit (a sworn statement signed by you) confirming the amount which has not been paid or other non-compliance with the decision.

You can file these documents at the court closest to where either you or the person required to make the payment lives or has a place of business.

Once filed, the QCAT decision is taken to be an order of the court and can be enforced in the same ways as an order of that court.

You can obtain legal advice about enforcement options including applying for a warrant of execution or a money order.

Contact your local Queensland Courts registry for the relevant affidavit to complete.

Relevant legislation: