Supreme Court Practice Direction 9 of 2023

The Chief Justice has issued Practice Direction 9 of 2023 (PDF, 175.5 KB), in relation to the Caseflow Management List, which takes effect from 1 May 2023.

The Practice Direction implements a change to the way the Caseflow Management List presently works. Under the new Practice Direction, the Resolution Registrar, Ms Julie Ruffin, will manage the Caseflow List, subject to the supervision of the Caseflow Judge. Justice Williams will continue as the Caseflow Judge.

However, the Caseflow Management process is otherwise largely unchanged:

  • A case flow intervention notice will be issued where a Request for Trial Date has not been filed within 180 days of the filing of the Defence.
  • The parties may submit consent orders agreeing directions designed to progress the matter to resolution, by trial, mediation or negotiated agreement, in a cost effective and timely way.
  • The parties may be required to attend a Caseflow Conference with the Resolution Registrar and the matter may be further reviewed by the Resolution Registrar or the Caseflow Judge.
  • Non-compliance with the new practice direction or directions made under it may be referred to the Caseflow Judge.

The Practice Direction applies to all civil proceedings commenced by claim, or ordered to proceed as if commenced by claim, in Brisbane, and to any other civil proceeding, if ordered by the court. It does not apply to proceedings already on another managed list. Matters which are already on the Caseflow Management List will remain on the List.

The new Practice Direction will be reviewed in 12 months, in consultation with the profession.