Supreme Court Practice Direction 11 of 2023

The Supreme Court has today issued a new Practice Direction 11 of 2023 – Consent Orders of the Registrar (PDF, 143.0 KB).  This new Practice Direction replaces (and repeals) the former Practice Direction 4 of 2010 (PDF, 186.7 KB).

The new Practice Direction sets out the types of orders that the Registrar ordinarily has power to make, by consent, under rule 666 of the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999; those orders which will not generally be made by the Registrar and ought to be referred to a judge; and the procedure to be adopted when seeking an order be made by consent by the Registrar.

The new Practice Direction also clarifies the procedure where a matter is on the Caseflow Management List, and is being dealt with by the Resolution Registrar under Practice Direction 9 of 2023 (PDF, 175.5 KB).

Where parties seek to have an order made by the Registrar by consent, the necessary documents can be filed electronically, in accordance with the Principal Registrar (Supreme and District Courts) – Approval 1 of 2020 (PDF, 146.0 KB).

Practitioners are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the new Practice Direction 11 of 2023 (PDF, 143.0 KB), and also to re-familiarise themselves with Practice Direction 12 of 2022 – Applications (PDF, 160.4 KB) (including in relation to the procedure required where parties seek to have an order made by consent, by a judge, prior to the hearing of an application).