The Court can resolve disputes about water bores affected by mining and extraction activities , and review a range of government decisions about water.

  • The Court can resolve disputes about the terms of a make good agreement (including compensation) or compliance with a make good agreement about mining or extraction activities that affect a water bore (Water Act 2000 ss 430, 434, 436).
  • The Court can review some government decisions about associated water licences and other decisions about mining activities that affect water (Water Act 2000 ss 851, 877, 972B, 1250D).
  • The Court can review some decisions about work related to dams used for mining purposes (Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008 s 562).

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How do I get procedural assistance?

Contact the Land Court to discuss your options. Attend an interview at the Land Court Registry in person, by phone or via video conference.

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