Why and How

The Land Court is committed to resolving disputes fairly, cost-effectively and efficiently. Before hearing and deciding a case, the Land Court encourages the parties to try to reach agreement using an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process. An ADR process is "alternative" because it is an alternative to a court hearing and decision.

For the parties, there are a number of benefits of ADR.

The Land Court encourages parties in all cases to try to reach agreement. The Land Court also encourages parties to consider using ADR before starting a case in the Land Court.

The ADR processes available through the Land Court are:

The Land Court has an ADR panel to help parties find a suitably qualified convenor for an ADR process.

To find out more about who is on the panel and how to contact them, click here.

How do I get procedural assistance ?

Contact the Land Court to discuss your options. Attend an interview at the Land Court Registry in person, by phone or via video conference.

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