Government Decisions Affecting Land

The Court can hear a diverse range of cases involving land.

  • The Court can review decisions made under a range of Acts that might affect your land (Land Act 1994 s 420K, Sch 2; Biological Control Act 1987 s 55; Survey and Mapping Infrastructure Act 2003 s 126; Soil Conservation Act 1986 s 22).
  • The Court can grant access over your land for sugar industry purposes (Sugar Industry Act 1999 s 65).
  • The Court can decide compensation for:
    • the declaration of a nature refuge, an interim conservation order, or a conservation plan over your land (Nature Conservation Act 1992 ss 67, 108, 137A);
    • access rights for sugar industry purposes (Sugar Industry Act 1999 s 68)
    • the declaration of a State or a local government toll road corridor (Transport Infrastructure Act 1994 ss 84D, 105JA);
    • authorised works on land or in relation to water by the Co-ordinator General (State Development and Public Works Organisation Act s 139);
    • certain infrastructure works, including for existing railways, and for busways or light rail (Transport Infrastructure Act 1994 ss 260, 300, 335, 355B, 377R, 380, 411).

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How do I get procedural assistance?

Contact the Land Court to discuss your options. Attend an interview at the Land Court Registry in person, by phone or via video conference.

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