Court ordered immediate parole eligibility

From 5 May 2020, the Brisbane Supreme and District Courts will enable the Parole Board of Queensland to trial fast-track parole applications for prisoners who are eligible for a parole order from their date of sentence.  

Project COIPE

This trial is a further extension of Project COIPE (Court ordered immediate parole eligibility), which commenced in the Ipswich District and Magistrates Courts on 2 September 2019 and the Beenleigh District and Magistrates Courts on 2 March 2020.

The Parole Board of Queensland project aims to reduce the time prisoners spend in custody past their eligibility date.

The Project COIPE progression plan (PDF, 112.7 KB) explains how an application for this type of parole order will be processed. Key changes include:

  • The Parole Board of Queensland (the Board) receives and processes the application, rather than Queensland Corrective Services.
  • The Board receives the Verdict and Judgment Record and associated documents from the Court. This will enable follow up with the relevant prisoner if their parole application has not been received within five business days.
  • The Board will decide whether a Parole Board Assessment Report (PBAR) will be prepared for the applicant prisoner.

How to apply for a parole order

Eligible prisoners will receive a fact sheet (PDF, 245.2 KB) and a Form 29 (application for a parole order) at the time of sentence.

To apply for a parole order, a prisoner must:

The application may be submitted by:

  • the prisoner, through sentence management
  • their legal representative, or
  • a third party.

Within 10 business days of receipt of the application, the Board will:

  • make a decision in relation to the parole application, or
  • refer the matter to obtain further material.

For further information

Contact the Parole Board of Queensland on (07) 3565 7567.