Requesting consent directions

The court will consider and determine, on the papers, requests for the variation of directions if all of the following conditions are met1:

  1. An email request is sent to the Land Court registry and includes a set of draft consent directions in accordance with the Model directions.
  2. If the request is communicated by one active party on behalf of all other active parties, the email must:
    1. be copied to all active parties
    2. state that all active parties join in the request
    3. include a copy of written evidence of the consent of all other active parties.
  3. If the request seeks to adjourn a directions hearing or review, the request must be made not later than 4.00pm at least two business days before the matter is set for the directions hearing or review.
  4. The party requesting the variation must specify the reasons for the adjournment, a proposed date for the next review, and identify any scheduled events that may be at risk because of the adjournment/extension2.

The Land Court Registry will notify the parties whether the request has been granted or refused by 12.00 noon on the business day following receipt of the email request.

All email requests can be sent to:

1. The court may vary directions where all conditions have not been met under exceptional circumstances.
2. For example a, meeting of experts, mediation, preliminary conference or hearing.