Preparing for court

What to prepare

You must prepare and research well before filing court documents, building your case and presenting it in court:

  1. Find out what legislation and rules apply to your case. Research Queensland legislation on the Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel website.
  2. Examine previous decisions to see how the Land Court and Land Appeal Court have interpreted and applied laws and rules in similar matters.
  3. Read all material and documentation relevant to your case and identify the relevant facts. You may have to present the court with a concise summary of the facts, so consider preparing a timeline or chronology of events.
  4. Decide what evidence to put before the court. What documents do you want to the court to read? Will you need witnesses to support your case? Before the hearing, you will file affidavits, expert reports and any witness statements you wish to rely on at the hearing.
  5. Plan what you’ll say by preparing a written outline of the points you’ll make at the hearing and identify any previous court decisions that support your case.

How to dress

When appearing before the Land Court, dress in appropriate attire to show respect for the court. Formal dress is not required, but you should be neat and professional.

Members of the Land Court are not robed.

Addressing the president, members and judicial registrar

You will address the president and members of the court as ‘Your Honour’ and the judicial registrar as ‘Sir/Madam’ or as introduced.