Fleur Kingham

President of the Land Court of Queensland
8 August 2016-

President Kingham is a graduate of The University of Queensland-Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (1982) and Bachelor of Arts (1988) and the University of Nottingham-Master of International Law (Dist) (1990).

President Kingham was secretary (1982) and the first female president (1983) of the University of Queensland Union. President Kingham was a student senator (1984-87) and convocation representative (1989-1992) for the University of Queensland senate. President Kingham was a founding member of the Women's Legal Service (1984).

President Kingham was appointed associate to the Hon John Macrossan AC of the Supreme Court of Queensland in 1984 and was admitted as a barrister of the Supreme Court of Queensland in 1985. In 1986 President Kingham was admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland and as a solicitor and barrister of the Supreme Court of Victoria.

President Kingham was the recipient of the Lionel Murphy Foundation Scholarship for study in science and law in 1989 which President Kingham used to undertake a Masters of International Law at the University of Nottingham. President Kingham also received the Ince & Co Prize for Law of International Trade from the University of Nottingham (1990).

Between 1991 and 2000 President Kingham continued her association with the University of Queensland; as lecturer (1991-2000) and director (1992-95) of the Master of Environmental Management Program.

President Kingham was the founding president of the Arts Law Centre of Queensland (1991) and a founding co-convenor of 2020 Vision (1993). President Kingham has served as a member of the Board of Port of Brisbane Authority (1999-2000) and the NRMA Queensland Advisory Board (1997‐2000).

President Kingham served as treasurer of the Queensland Environmental Law Association (1994-97) and was a mediator and facilitator for the Department of Justice and Attorney-General's Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre from 1994 to 2000.

President Kingham practised as a private consultant specialising in the areas of environmental law, management and training from 1998 to 2000.

Prior to being appointed President of the Land Court, President Kingham was a member of the Land Court of Queensland (2004-06), deputy president of the Land and Resources Tribunal (2000-06), the first deputy president of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (2009-2012) and held commissions in the Childrens Court of Queensland (2006-2016) and the Planning and Environment Court (2006-2016). President Kingham was appointed a judge of the District Court of Queensland in 2006. President Kingham resigned as a judge of the District Court effective 7 August 2016 to take up her commission as President of the Land Court.

In 2010 President Kingham was awarded the Queensland Law Society's Agnes McWhinney Award for outstanding professional contribution by a woman lawyer.

President Kingham is a continuing member of the Griffith Law School Visiting Committee (2004-) and was made an honorary Doctor of Griffith University in 2016.

President Kingham was featured in 'A Woman's Place: 100 years of Queensland Women Lawyers', published by the Supreme Court Library Queensland in 2005.