Use of QR codes in Queensland court buildings

On Sunday 27 June 2021 the Queensland Premier announced that mandatory use of the Check In Qld App would expand to cover a range of additional business sectors across the state from 1 am, Friday 9 July. This includes public-facing government services, such as customer service counters in government buildings, but does not include courts.

QR codes are currently being installed in all Queensland courthouse buildings to help make COVID-19 contact tracing faster and more reliable. Whilst not mandatory for courts, this decision has been made to assist with contact tracing efforts considering the current lock down in several areas of the state.

Each court building will receive its own unique QR code, which will be placed at all entrances and counters and in other appropriate locations throughout the buildings that are easily accessible to those entering or moving about.

All court users are encouraged to use the codes as soon as they are available. If they are unable to use the Check In Qld app, registries can use the business mode of the app to enter contact details on their behalf.

While it is highly recommended that people check in to Queensland courthouses using the Check In Qld App, there is no authority to refuse entry or provision of court-related services to anyone who does not check in via the QR code. However, using the QR code to check in is mandatory for people accessing non-court services—such as the Women’s Legal Service or applying for a birth certificate—within court buildings.

For full details on the relevant Public Health Direction, visit Check In Qld app | Queensland Government (