Temporary changes to admissions in Brisbane

Over coming months there will be no admissions ceremonies in Brisbane. Applications for admission will be dealt with in almost all cases on the papers, so that no representation in court is required. Applicants’ presence in court will be required in order to comply with the Rules and to allow them to take their oaths of allegiance and of office and sign the roll. For that purpose, only applicants will be allowed into the courtroom.

If any candidate would prefer not to proceed on this basis, they should request an adjournment, which will be given to a date to be fixed after court resumes standard operations.

While matters with a qualified certificate or that are contested will be considered for disposition by the court on the papers, there is always, of course, the prospect that the court will not be prepared to make a decision on that basis. In that event, the matter may have to be adjourned by the court.

Applicants proceeding to be admitted should be mindful of hand hygiene and may bring their own blue or black ink pen to sign the roll.

The registry will take appropriate precautions to ensure that hygiene standards are met regarding the Bibles or other holy books and the roll.

When courts resume normal operations, all practitioners admitted in these circumstances will be offered the opportunity to take part in a welcoming ceremony attended by family and friends.