Online Application for a court event (Magistrates Courts)

The Chief Magistrate has issued Practice Direction 7 of 2020 (PDF, 133.2 KB). To support the Practice Direction, the Magistrates Court Online Application for a Court Event (Magistrates Courts) has been developed.

The online application for a court event form will be available for use by lawyers in adult criminal matters from 8 July 2020. The form can be used to seek the following:

  • a sentence date (including a short plea, lengthy plea or contested sentence)
  • an adjournment other than of a hearing
  • a date for a hearing of an application (including a bail application or a directions hearing)
  • a direction by the Court (including a direction for the provision of a brief of evidence)

The form can only be used where the matter already has a listing date.

The application form will be sent automatically to the relevant court registry for processing and to the opposing party. The form can be used for all Magistrates Court locations.

The form replaces the current Apply for an adjournment form available on the Queensland Courts website, which could only be used for matters in the Brisbane Magistrates Court.