Notice from the Land Court – COVID-19

The Land Court is open and will continue to deal with matters as listed, unless it orders to the contrary. In order to deal with the challenges posed by COVID-19, the Court will conduct all hearings, reviews, CMEE conferences and mediations by teleconference or videoconference wherever practicable. No party or participant needs to apply for leave of the Court to appear in that way.

If any parties, representatives, witnesses or observers do attend the Court in person, the Court will enforce social distancing measures. The Court requests parties and practitioners to use mail or email to file documents, wherever possible, and to contact the Court if they have particular requests about how a proceeding is conducted. Information about the Court’s technology is available from the Land Court Registry.

The Court will continue to monitor closely the advice being provided by government health authorities and act accordingly. Community safety will always be a priority.

President of the Land Court

20 March 2018