Listing of matters in civil applications in the Brisbane District Court

Notice from the Chief Judge Re: listing of matters in civil applications in the District Court, Brisbane

  1. The current practice of all civil applications to be heard in Brisbane on a particular day being listed for 10.00am will be suspended until further notice.
  2. Rather, the hearing of matters will be staggered.
  3. The default listing practice from Monday 23 March 2020 will be that matters are listed at half hourly intervals, starting at 9.30am.
  4. However, the Judge of the Court responsible for particular applications might stagger the hearing of those matters in a different way.
  5. Parties should pay particular regard to the time allocated to their application in the Daily Law List on the day that the matter is to be heard.
  6. Although this practice will not be mandated for civil applications in regional Courts, it is to be expected that a similar approach will be adopted where there is a significant number of matters listed in applications for the same day.