Applications weeks for the Planning and Environment Court in Brisbane and new Practice Direction 2 of 2020

In Brisbane, the judges have, until now, presided over directions hearings, reviews and applications at 9.15am, prior to the commencement or resumption of the hearing of other matters at 10am.

In order to better provide for the hearing of such matters, a number of applications weeks have now been provided in the calendar for 2021 where a judge of the Planning and Environment Court will sit to hear applications (including reviews/mentions) on each day. It is not expected that the provision  of applications weeks for the Planning and Environment Court will eliminate the need for some such matters to be heard, from 9:15am, in other weeks. It is anticipated however, that it will:

  • obviate the need for listings prior to 10am in the applications weeks;
  • obviate the need for applications/reviews/mentions to be heard on Monday or Tuesday mornings in any other week
  • obviate the need for listings of such matters on Thursdays in those months where there are two applications weeks
  • allow for a moderation of the currently greater number of matters listed at 9.15am on Friday mornings.

Practice Direction 2 of 2020 represents a minor change to Practice Direction 1 of 2019 to reflect the new arrangement for lengthy applications and reviews to be heard in the applications weeks, rather than on Tuesdays each week.

The Court will, of course, keep the new arrangements under review with a view to making adjustments where necessary or desirable.

The following are the application weeks for 2021.

  • 25 January to 29 January
  • 1 February to 5 February
  • 15 February to 19 February
  • 29 March to 2 April
  • 12 April to 16 April
  • 10 May to 14 May
  • 24 May to 28 May
  • 14 June to 18 June
  • 12 July to 16 July
  • 16 August to 20 August
  • 13 September to 17 September
  • 4 October to 8 October
  • 25 October to 29 October
  • 29 November to 3 December

The court website will be updated with this new information in due course.