Improved access to Queensland case law

Supreme Court Library Queensland (SCLQ) is the official publisher of the unreported decisions of Queensland courts and tribunals. Decisions reported in the Queensland Reports are published on the Queensland Judgments website.

In the latest update to their CaseLaw service, SCLQ has made it easier to identify where there is an authorised reported version of a judgment and added a link to the reported decision on the Queensland Judgments website.

This release also includes:

  • a new filter to limit search results to civil or criminal cases for the Court of Appeal, Childrens Court and Magistrates Courts
  • updates to the My case list 'download all' feature—additional documents, such as case summaries, are now included when you 'download all selected records' from your case list
  • a new collection of historical decisions of the Industrial Court of Queensland and Queensland Industrial Relations Commission

For help using CaseLaw or to provide feedback, visit the library website.