Name change records - Deed polls

All records relating to name changes (Deed polls) filed in the Brisbane Supreme Court between the years 1857 and 2004 have been transferred to Queensland State Archives for permanent storage. These records form part of Queensland’s documentary cultural heritage, they also provide evidence of significant life events and rights and entitlements of individuals within the community and have enduring and permanent value to the government and people of Queensland.

Practitioners and members of the public wanting to inspect or obtain copies of these records are advised to contact Queensland State Archives through the, Deed polls (change of name record) web page.

For name change records filed outside of Brisbane up until 1 February 2004, requests for access can be submitted via the Queensland Government website, Your rights, crime and the law, Search and copy court documents.

If you would like to inspect or copy name change records that happened after 1 February 2004, please contact the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages by telephoning 1300 366 430 to arrange this.