Domestic and Family Violence Protection Rules 2014

The Domestic and Family Violence Protection Rules 2014 (‘the Rules’) are available online.

The new Rules cover practices and procedures including directions, subpoenas, litigation guardians, how a court may receive evidence, withdrawal of applications and (should costs be awarded) a scale of costs.

The following forms have been updated:

  • Form DV21 Affidavit of Service (now Affidavit of Personal Service)
  • Form DV22A Request for Subpoena
  • Form DV22 Subpoena

The following new forms are available:

  • Form DV25 Affidavit
  • Form DV26 Notice of Change of Address for Service
  • Form DV27 Application to Withdraw
  • Form DV29 Consent of Litigation Guardian
  • Form DV30 Notice of Filing of Media Exhibit
  • Form DV32 Application to Inspect and Copy Subpoenaed Document
  • Form DV34 Request to Inspect and/or Copy Document