Form 71 - Statement of Financial Position – Enforcement of Judgements

On 22 October 2014, Supreme, District and Magistrates Courts throughout Queensland will commence a more streamlined process for debtors to complete the Form 71 - Statement of Financial Position under the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999.

The online Form 71 can be used by a debtor who has been sent a notice to complete a statement of financial position. In addition to providing the debtor with a printed copy of the form, the creditor’s notice may include the following link to the online form. The debtor has a choice to complete either the online or hardcopy version of the form. In any case the creditor will require the debtor to return a completed Form 71 which has been printed, signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace.

Completing the online form is far less laborious than completing the hard copy version as the form is interactive with many fields only becoming available if required. The user-friendly form was developed with the aim of reducing non-compliance and increasing efficiencies in the enforcement process for court clients.