Supreme Court Probate Application change

From 1 February, 2013 it will no longer be a requirement to place an exhibit marking on the original will/codicil when applying for Probate.

Due to the impracticalities of attaching exhibit markings to the original will/codicil, the certificate of exhibit Form 47 (UCPR) should now be placed on the back of a photocopy of the original will/codicil either by printing or label.

The first paragraph of the applicant’s affidavit Form 105 (UCPR) should be altered to read:

  1. “A photocopy of the true and original last will [and codicil] of the deceased is the document which is exhibit ## to this affidavit, the original of which is lodged herewith.”

The photocopy (with the exhibit markings) should be filed with the affidavit and the original will/codicil (without any exhibit markings) should be lodged with the affidavit.