Coroners Court fees

Our fees and charges increase on 1 July each year. On 1 July 2023 our fees and charges were increased by 3.4% in line with Government’s indexation policy.

From 1 July 2022 fees are stated in fee regulations as fee units and not in dollars.

As at 1 July 2023, the value of a fee unit for court fees is $1.060 (see s2 of the Acts Interpretation (Fee Unit) Regulation 2022 and s48B of the Acts Interpretation Act 1954). Please note the rounding rules that apply under s48C of the Acts Interpretation Act 1954.

You can contact us to find out details about specific fees, charges or prices.

Copies of coronial documents (investigation document)

When seeking access to coronial investigation documents, the fees below may apply:

First copy: $3.15 per page*

Maximum cost (first copy): $81.35 maximum

Additional copy: $0.70 per page

Maximum cost (additional copy): $32.45 maximum

*This fee may be waived if:

  • you hold a health care card or pensioner concession card issued under the Social Security Act 1991
  • you hold a pensioner concession card issued by the Commonwealth Department of Veteran’s Affairs
  • you are a family member (see Schedule 2 of Coroners Act 2003 for definition of family member).

If you are seeking a fee waiver, enclose a copy of the health/pensioner concession card with your application.

If you need to pay any fees, we’ll tell you before releasing the documents.

Please note the fees increase on 1 July each year.

Payment methods

You can pay fees by:

  • cheque or money order, made payable to the 'Department of Justice and Attorney-General’ by mail to the Coroners Court of Queensland, GPO Box 1649, Brisbane Qld 4001.

Transcript of inquest

Recording and Transcription services team provides transcripts and recordings. If you are seeking a copy of a transcript of an inquest contact Recording and Transcription Services Team on 1800 842 122 or visit Transcripts and recordings.