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Bulk lodgements - Civil

    How many documents does if take to fulfil a bulk lodgement?

    The number of documents required to fulfil a bulk lodgement varies at each registry.

    To enquire about the number of documents required to fulfil a bulk lodgement, contact the courthouse registry where the documents are to be filed. Registries aim to process bulk lodgements within seven business days.

    Do all Magistrates Courts fulfil bulk lodgement requests?

    No, not all Magistrates Court registries in Queensland provide bulk lodgement facilities.

    It is important to contact your local courthouse registry to enquire about their procedures to avoid inconvenience.

    How do I know when the bulk lodgement is ready?

    Clients will be advised by telephone when their bulk lodgement documents are ready for collection. 

    When and how do I pay for this service?

    Payment is required when processing is completed and/ or documents are collected.

    Payment can be made by cash, credit card (no American Express) or cheque. Cheques should be made payable to ‘The Department of Justice and Attorney-General’. 

    What happens if the documents are incorrect?

    If the lodged documents are incorrect they will be returned to the client together with a letter of explanation.

    Who pays the delivery charges (postage or courier) to return the documents?

    If your documents are returned by post or courier you are responsible for the delivery charges.

    You should send a self-addressed pre-paid envelope large enough to include all your documents (A4 is recommended), or arrange for a courier to collect the documents. You will be responsible for all delivery charges.

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