Applications for consent directions

The court will consider and determine, on the papers, applications for the variation of directions if all of the following conditions are met1:

  1. The application is filed in the Land Court registry and includes a set of draft consent directions.
  2. The application is signed by all parties to the case.
  3. If the application seeks to adjourn a review, the application must be made by no later than 4pm 2 business days before the matter is set for review.
  4. The application details the specific reasons for the adjournment, a proposed date for the next review, and identifies any scheduled events that may be at risk because of the adjournment/extension2.

The President’s or Member’s associate will notify the parties whether the application has been granted or refused by 12:00 noon on the business day following receipt of the application.

All applications can be emailed to:

1. The court may vary directions where all conditions have not been met under exceptional circumstances.

2. For example a, meeting of experts, mediation, preliminary conference or hearing.