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Civil and bail applications by email

  1. Only interlocutory applications UCPR (Form 9),  Corporations Law Rules (Form 3), and (Form 2) - Application for bail in the Supreme Court (CPR) may be considered. Originating Applications UCPR (Form 5) and Corporations Law Rules (Form 2) cannot be accepted under this system.
  2. Electronic applications are to be made using the Bail application request form (CPR) (Brisbane registry).
  3. The available dates and times are accessible in the Courts calendars, which are updated regularly. You must check for available dates before making a request.
  4. Time estimates must be greater than five minutes and less than two hours. The request may only be made in five minute intervals. Any applications longer than two hours must be brought to the attention of the civil list manager, e-mail
  5. The request form for the electronic allocation of dates for the applications list can be forwarded with the application UCPR (Form 9) or Corporations Law Rules () or Criminal Practice Rules (Form 2) to  or fax no 3224 7408.
  6. The applications list manager will respond to electronic requests between the hours of 10am and 4pm weekdays. Communications received after 4.00 pm will not be considered until the next business day.
  7. If the court diary is closed the matter will not be listed.
  8. If the court diary is closed and the matter is urgent, please consult the senior judge listed in applications court for that week.
  9. When an application is received and filed a sealed copy will be returned to you by facsimile within one business day of receipt by the registry.
  10. Dates are not allocated until the applications list manager confirms the allocation by faxing a sealed copy of the application to the applicant.
  11. Compliance with the rules as to service on other parties apply.
  12. Any subsequent documents (supporting affidavits etc) may be filed in the usual way up until 4pm the day before the application is to be heard.
  13. If the application is to be adjourned all parties to the application may forward a completed UCPR (form 11) to the applications list manager by facsimile or email before 4pm on the business day before the application is to be heard.
  14. If a matter is to be adjourned and the parties agree to a costs order, it will be treated as a consent order under UCPR 666.

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