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Queensland Magistrates Early Referral into Treatment

Courts Innovation Programs - Magistrates Court

The QMERIT program is a bail-based diversion program for defendants with illicit drug use problems. The QMERIT program operates in the Maroochydore and Redcliffe Magistrates Courts.

QMERIT engages defendants charged with an offence relating to illicit drug use with drug rehabilitation services through bail conditions. QMERIT combines treatment and support services for defendants with problematic drug use during their contact with the criminal justice system.

The aim of these services is to change defendants’ offending behaviour. QMERIT provides an opportunity for eligible defendants to participate in a structured intervention that aims to give defendants the skills and confidence needed to improve their health and wellbeing and significantly reduce offending behaviour.

September 2016
  • Land Court wins award
Queensland Land Court Reports
  • Volume 35 - Now available
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22 July 2013
Last updated
12 July 2016

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