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Illicit Drugs Court Diversion Program

Courts Innovation Programs - Criminal

The Court Diversion Program is a specialised program aimed at diverting minor drug offenders from the criminal justice system. Offenders who plead guilty to eligible drug charges in a Magistrates Court or a Childrens Court (Magistrates Court) can be referred by the magistrate to an information and education session as part of their order rather than having a traditional penalty such as a fine or probation order imposed on them.

The Court does this by placing offenders on a ‘recognisance order’ (good behaviour bond) which is an agreement between the offender and the Court that the offender will be of good behaviour for a certain period of time.

In a Childrens (Magistrates) Court, the magistrate directs the child to attend a drug assessment and education session on a stated date.

For Court Diversion, this order contains conditions to attend an education and information session, participate in that session and not attend this session under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

View the Court Diversion Program fact sheet and the Eligibility Assessment sheet for further information.

September 2016
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Queensland Land Court Reports
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2 December 2016
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2 December 2016

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