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Childrens Court (Magistrates Court) - Criminal

Issuing subpoenas in child protection proceedings

  • Check with the registrar of the relevant court to determine the correct procedure
  • Complete and file a Form 23 – Request for subpoena at the court registry. 
  • Complete and file a Form 24 – Subpoena, which is issued by the registrar.
  • Serve subpoena on the person/entity named.

Request for a transcript

  • All enquiries in relation to transcripts and recordings, including closed court proceedings, can be made directly to Auscript Australasia Pty Ltd.
  • The matter to be transcribed must be clearly identified by name, file number, type of proceeding and date.
  • The person making the request must state their intention to pay the prescribed fee. 
  • The person making the request must demonstrate they have sufficient interest in the matter before a request will be granted.
  • All requests for transcripts are forwarded to the Attorney-General for determination except when an appeal or application against a conviction or order has been made. It can take up to three weeks for the determination to be made.
  • If the request is authorised the transcript will be ordered. Transcripts can take six to eight weeks to be produced. Payment of the prescribed fee is required on collection of the transcript.

September 2016
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20 January 2016

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